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Access During Opening Hours Only

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24/7 Access (Weather Permitting)

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Disability, Dog and Child Friendly

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As Autumn draws in, the valley and the longhouse take on a warm golden hue.

Accessibility  Guide


Autism (&  Similar) Access

Hearing Impairments

Parking - Disabled parking spaces, flat, tarmac surfaces, curb-free access points to all areas.

Toilets -  Wheelchair accessible, toilet hand-rail, NO EMERGENCY PULL

Tickets/Shop - Step free access, although may not be suitable for larger/wider mobility aids.

Museum - Car access to door, even, paved access otherwise. Thresholds and 2 short but uneven steps, uneven flooring. Seating guaranteed throughout the tour.

Nature Trail - Unpaved, steep slopes, uneven steps.

History Trail and Archaeological Site - Gravel path to information plaques. Site is fully visible, but not directly accessible without leaving the trail.

Picnic Area - Fully accessible.

The museum tour may be crowded - please let us know if this will be a problem as it is possible to reduce this.

The tour is largely silent other than the tour guide presenting, although this of course, depends on the behavior of individuals in the group.

No strong lighting is used in the museum, although an open fire is present in the center of the room. It is possible to experience the tour distanced from this feature.

Replica objects are passed around the crowd at certain points of the tour, including blunt steel swords. This can easily be skipped for those for whom this is not appropriate.

Information about tickets, the site and the history are easily accessible, in English, Icelandic, French and German.

The tour is presented live, so it is highly recommended that speech-to-text is used, if required. Our guides are also familiar with the use of microphone clips for broadcasting to hearing devices.

Visual Impairments

Information and tickets are provided in person. The tour is spoken and therefore accessible, but great care must be taken when moving about due to uneven surfaces inside the longhouse.

The museum itself is highly accessible, with the structure and replicas all being intended to be experienced through touch. This is a unique opportunity since most museums have glass between the guest and the artifacts. But due to ours being replicas, this is possible.Our guides are also more than happy to help you navigate and better experience the space.

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