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Join us at our annual Experimental Archeology Festival July 5th to 7th

Partnering with international experts, don't miss this year's spectacular experiments on just how a viking  turfhouse would burn - and what chance you would have to escape. Various historical demonstrations, talks and family fun will also run alongside.
For more information on the research click HERE,

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Home of Eirik the Red & Leif Eiriksson

Hidden away in West Iceland, the Viking Age farm of Eiríksstaðir was the stage for the beginning of one of the most significant chapters in the history of mankind - first contact between Europe and North America.


Though the original farm is now in ruins, our historically accurate replica of the farm lets us bring both the sagas and the average Icelandic Viking Age farm into the twenty-first century.  Inside the longhouse you will hear all about how the first settlers found unique ways to survive in this new, unforgiving land, and all about the sagas of the original inhabitants.

Tours are on-going throughout the day, with the last tour beginning 30 minutes before closing time. We welcome you to join us by the fire!

Opening Hours

10.00AM to 5,00PM (April 15th - October)

Price of Admission

Adult - 2.700 ISK

Student/Senior - 1,900 ISK
12 and Under (Accompanied by an Adult) - FREE

Hands-on History

None of the history here at Eiríksstaðir is locked away behind glass - in fact, you are encouraged to experience everything up close and personal! Sit down on Viking furniture as you listen to history and sagas by the fireside, swing a sword, watch as wool is dyed in the iron pot, even looking under the bedclothes is not off limits

Depending on when you plan your visit, there may be even more for you to do at one of our Experimental Archaeology Events.


Sagas, the Old Way

Reading the Icelandic Sagas in their original form can be a little hard to get into - even the Icelanders know that. But did you know that these tales were first passed down by word of mouth, performed and retold over and over in longhouses just like Eiríksstaðir? Our museum is the only place in Iceland where you can truly experience the stories of Eirík and his family as they  were told 1000 years ago.

Not only that, but we are the very place where some of them happened. Click below to find out all about it.

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